Olinda Orange

Olinda Orange

The Olinda Valencia Orange is an orange tree suitable for smaller gardens, and especially for growing in pots. It has a dense, rounded form and does not take up a lot of space. This variety ripens its fruit from March to June, so you will have fruit through spring and summer – just when you will appreciate it most. It is a wonderful variety for juicing, and also for eating fresh, in salads, for baking, or for marmalade. In spring the sweetly-scented white flowers appear while there are ripening oranges on the tree – a beautiful combination effect. This tree is hardier than some other orange varieties, and it can be grown in warmer parts of zone 9. It is also more drought resistant, so it grows well in drier states, like California and Arizona. Because of its small, compact size, this is the number one choice for an orange tree in a pot, if you live in colder places where you need to bring the tree indoors for winter.

Juicy oranges ripen in summer
Small tree perfect for growing in a pot
Fragrant white blossoms
Flowers and fruit appear at the same time
Easily grown and carries a large harvest

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