Trovita Orange

Trovita Orange

The Juiciest and Sweetest orange

Trovita Oranges are extremely popular to grow at home because they are low maintenance and produce tons of sweet oranges. With every bite you’ll find yourself enjoying an explosion of rich, citrus juice that awakens the senses.

Common oranges found in grocery stores sit in storage for a long time and grow bitter as a result. They don’t even come close to fresh, sweet Trovita oranges that can be stored for months without becoming sour. Trovita trees will do best in warmer climates as it is classified as a tropical plant. Zones 8 to 11 are ideal for outdoor planting. However, if you do experience cold winters, plant your Trovita tree in a container and bring it inside for the fall and winter seasons. We recommend planting in Spring through Fall for outdoors since they are sensitive to colder temperatures.

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